Course in Initial General Education for Adults

Certificate I General Education for Adults (Introductory)

Certificate I General Education for Adults

Certificate II General Education for Adults

Certificate III General Education for Adults

Commencing dates - Monday July 23rd

 Did you leave school early?

Do you need help with reading and writing to get the job you want?

Do you want to learn in a positive, friendly and relaxed environment?

 This course is designed to help learners improve their literacy, numeracy and general education skills. The program provides a range of educational opportunities to help students meet personal needs, increase participation in the community or engage in further education and training. There will be a strong focus on practical, entertaining and educational activities that will build literacy and numeracy skills, self-confidence, communication skills and general living skills.

 It’s never too late to improve your skills and go back to study. Enrolling in the CGEA is usually the first step for those mature age or younger people who haven't completed their primary or secondary education and who want to improve or update literacy, math, computer and general education skills.

People often enrol in this CGEA  because they want to:

« Learn to communicate better

« Learn the math they need for everyday life

« Meet the literacy standards for the Army or Navy

« Obtain computer skills

« Help their children with homework

« Apply for advanced courses in other areas of study

Before commencing CGEA you will attend an interview to assess the appropriate certificate level to be enrolled in.

 Dates: Enrolments can be taken any time through the year. Next classes commence on Monday July 23rd, 2018.

 Cost: Please contact us on 5872 2224 to discuss course costs, payment plans and funding opportunities available.

Fees are detailed in the brochure. The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

Please contact for a course flyer.

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